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December 12, 2007

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Super Secret Fly Fishing Spots


Have you ever dreamed of fishing where no one has before? Perhaps where no one has for months or years? Got a some money burning a hole in your pocket? Call the boys at Angling Destinations as they are offering a program for the traveling fisherman called Destination X Angling Destinations claims they do not advertise these spots, will not let any magazine articles be published or TV shows filmed with them at these locations and GPS units are not allowed. You might not be sleeping at a swanky lodge, but I guarantee the fishing will be better than if you were. If you do agree to go on one of these trips you really never know what you're going to get... You might be sleeping in a tent one night a live aboard the next. They ask all participants via gentleman's agreement that there be no trip reports published good or bad, no "Angling Reports" be posted when they return and basically just keeping quiet with other people. Heck you can't even view their destinations without proper user logins and passwords. For more information visit the link to Angling Destinations above.



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So this is what it's come to to find a lonely stretch of stream with big trout?
This is a sad, sad day.
But, the air of secrecy has a James Bond-ian theme to it, which I like.
Maybe, just maybe.........


gee, what a plug for their company, tim...

by the way, i'm fishing some sick places right now, some of the best on the planet. oh, but i can't tell you where.

David Leinweber

10 years ago I would have laugh at this idea, but after years of seeing the power of stream reports I have changed my mind. We have Cutt and Rainbow runs every year during the late winter. Few anglers can be found on the South Platte in February, but 3 miles of river with 4 anglers will grow to 100 anglers after a Denver Post report. I have seen it time and time again.

I was fishing below Pueblo Dam last year in the late fall and shared a mile of stream with a half dozen anglers. A stream report from P.D. came out over the weekend and for two weeks I had customers telling me that they could not find a parking spot.

My customers have actually forced me to take my stream report off my website. They feel that I am the cause of their stream getting over crowded. What was interesting is after I took down our stream report we got hate email, so I pursued them to explain and found out in the process that ALL of them have never been in my store.

I have come to believe stream reports have contributed to the idea that our streams are over crowded. Stream reports tend focus anglers on a few areas and close the door on encouraging anglers to explore. There is a big world out there, don’t limit yourself to 2 miles of water.

I have not done a stream report online in over a year and to be honest, I do not miss it.



Your reaction to taking your reports down does not eliminate pressure on the most publicized streams in Colorado. Do you really think the newspapers are going to stop publishing river reports just because one shop is not publishing fishing reports?

When people do searches for fly fishing in Colorado the first thing to come up is the South Platte River.

This post is really after one company promoting hard to find hidden fly fishing gems. Eventually they will become popular places to fish.

There are many little streams outside of the South Platte and Arkansas river basins that both you and I are aware of that are great to fish. Do you find river reports on the these little streams outside of Woodland Park, CO? NOPE.

Bottom line is to get away from the crowds below Pueblo Reservoir - WALK. Pretty much the winner with any stretch of water.

Tim Romano


Obviously it's a double edged sword for you as a shop owner...

While I commend you for trying to let people know that there's literally hundreds of other places to fish, I personally really like stream reports that are current and up to date. I use them more as a general reference for an entire geographic area.

If more shops kept their stream reports HONEST and up to date I think they'd serve their purpose much better. I have literally not found ONE fly shop in the state of Colorado that keeps them current. Can anyone out there name a fly shop that does this anywhere in the US? Please copy me on their URL as I want to check it out.

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