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December 23, 2007

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Merry Christmas Alex

Or Alex(es), as it were. If you were part of the Alex twosome commenting on the "Fly Rod Giveaway," I want you to E-mail me directly at [email protected] ... because we're going to hook you up! And I still might play Santa with more of those posts ... so stay tuned, and keep commenting if you want.

As Christmas Eve is a time to reflect, give thanks, and also look ahead, I want to thank everyone for tuning in here. We wish all of you nothing but the best. Good fishing in 2008.



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Evan V

I can imagine it would be hard to shop for a gift for a guide. As they probably have everything relating to fly fishing.


o my goodneness thank all of you i just thought i would not win but i did !!!!!!!!
i would like to give a thanks to all the crew involved but especally kirk deeter
for this!!!!!

Alex W.

i really appreciate this!!! this has truly shown me the idea of christmas spirit and how god works in peoplee's lives!! thank you all and have a blessed christmas

Anthony Bartkowski - FFlogger

Both Alex's deserve this great offering. Good job Elf Deeter. I am back. Took some time away from modern technologies. All the best to a Happy New Year!!!

Jonathan Lee Wright

Excellent choice!

I'm sure these two boys will continue to be good ambassadors for our sport long after we've had to hang up our waders!

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