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December 18, 2007

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Fly Rod Giveaway!

Who's Been Naughty, and Who's Been Nice?

I feel like playing Santa. I have two new G. Loomis Xperience fly rods (very sweet all-around casting sticks that retail at $285 each, both 9-ft. 5-weights), and I'm going to give them away. To two of you.

All you have to do is tell me who's been naughty, and who's been nice.

By way of your comments below, I'd like to hear about the he, she, it, organization, city, country, whatever, that has been particularly naughty in the context of flyfishing this year (not that type of naughty, guide friends ... I'm talking about a greedy land-grubber, a polluter, an idiot politico, etc.). Likewise, tell me who has been "nice" ... a conservation hero, a video maker, a teacher, etc. You might just earn yourself an extra holiday present. The rods go to the best naughty and nice comments.

Tim, Nate, and I are the judges, and we'll announce our winners before we ring in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!



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Tyler P

KD- Here are 3 gents from the PNW that started a petition to halt the harvest of Native Wild Winter Steelhead on the North Umpqua river in Oregon.

Niall Boggs
Matt Klara
Scott Howell

There petition and wit to make it a simple online gig along with possibly being the first composed official letter that all you had to do was "copy/paste" and type your name format that I have seen in the fly fishing realm. Makes them the 21st century robin hoods with ink instead of arrows. Because of their efforts the commision reversed the decision on the regs and halting the kill of wild winter steelhead. Rightfully so they deserve a keg of Oregon's finest microbrew and the chance to fish in Michigan for the heir apparent to our native fish!!
Go Big Blue.....You will finally have the chance to get rid of those pesky baseball scores you have been putting up on the gridiron and score points with the likes of the SEC and PAC 10. If I were in the Buckeyes locker room I would search for the next Colt Brennan!!


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