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December 21, 2007

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Fish Catching Fly

One more crazy video for you. This is an archer fish taking a pot shot at a house fly. It's tough to see, so watch it more than once - but the fish actually hits the fly with "spit" then inhales it as it falls towards the water. This got me thinking about all the strange things I've seen fish do to eat.

Bass - knocking on cattails to eat beetles, trout picking salmon flies of of sheer rock faces, etc... The best example of this little phenomena was told to me by Capt. Conway Bowman in San Diego. He swears that white sharks ram buoys and knock seals off for a little mid afternoon treat. Scary.

Anyone out there have a story like this? What's the most unique way you've seen a fish eat?



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Evan V

Yeah some pretty amazing fish are out there. But this fella seems he would be easier to catch, since any insect pattern would work.


i got one: how about goofy looking fly fishermen with $1500 in ugly gear flailing away with feathers and foam trying to catch a 15 inch trout?

tim Romano


You win!


Obviously not the fish' first flying meal. But you right, one of the reasons I love being in the outdoors and on the water is the many unique and remarkable things we get to witness.


In our pond, the catfish have been seen taking ducklings off the top of the water. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time it happened. I hope to have the camera ready next time.

It's a big pond - about 7 acres best we can guess.

As a side note, catfish eat some strange things.

David S Sorrow

While living in Alaska back in the nineties I did quite a bit of lake fishing. It was common to see huge pike take full grown ducks.


Common? Like, how often? Very cool.

Charles Jannuzi

My two goldfish will bump their heads on the plastic lid of their aquarium until I feed them. Then they look out the side of the tank with what I think is appreciation. The Siamese fighting fish/betta in there with them is a top feeder, and will literally jump on floating food--one time he came clean out of the tank. I'm trying to imagine what he does to emerging mosquito larvae in a puddle on the Malay peninsula.

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