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November 19, 2007

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Trout Eats Another, 1/2 Its Size


Well, maybe not half its size, but big enough not to swallow it whole. Apparently not all trout have been pounded into submission... Anyone thrown a 12 inch fly at angry browns before? Maybe that's the trick? Forget 7X and size 26 emergers, break out the double bunnies and shark flies!

Jim Webb of Yosemite sent us this picture and we just had to post it. He claims the big fish was 24" to 26" and the smaller one 10' to 12". The picture was taken in Yosemite National Park.

Thanks Jim!



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Evan V

I love it!


there was an article about Bull tout in Albert (i think) in the past year that had a pic of a Bull peacing a 15in Cutt.

impressive pic no the less... good post

Scott Morales

That is a kick ass picture! Wow! I know Jim and he has to be the best fisherman that has ever stepped foot in Yosemite, he kicked my butt fishing and I happen to be pretty darn good.

Thanks Jim!


so an opportunistic trout feasts on a dying whirling diseased sibling, what's the big deal? are you implying that this bigger trout attacked the smaller trout mid-tail from below? hardly an efficient way to kill another fish for most predatory species.


Joey, the other brown that was being eaten ( Or at least trying to be eaten) was alive,and well. I have 4 other people who were with me to verify that.I have been fishing for many years, and you just do not see anything like this in the wild.It was a rare photo oportunity.


jim, ok, i believe you. it's just that here in south america where i fish, we routinely see freshwater dorado eating fish half their size (truly half their size: 20 pounders eating 10 pounders, 40 pounders eating 20 pounders in one chomp) and biting rapala's in half through the epoxy. sorry for not being completely impressed. however, as far as trout photos go, what you have there is rare indeed.

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