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November 16, 2007

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Take A Deep Breath...

Everyone involved in the last couple of posts, please take a deep breath and watch this beautiful trailer called Drift on steelheading. No, it doesn't answer the question on those Great Lake fish, but John Hazel's take on what steelheading IS should have everyone here in agreement.

To learn more about this film please visit http://www.confluencefilms.tv/ or http://yellowdogflyfishing.com/


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Well done.

Anthony Bartkowski

Hazel summed it up correctly. I would take it one step further to include all fish taken on a fly!!! As long as you are waving that graphite lighting stick - does it even matter what is on the end of the line?

Anthony Bartkowski

Can you say Guide Movie Night... Watch the movie, hit the bars, and fish the next day until exhaustion. This will bring a new definition to Dinner and Movie night.


Movie? Is this really going to be a full-length feature film?

I agree, though, it is very well done. And I am delighted that it is on my home water: the Deschutes. Great stretch.


But, yes, it does matter (at least to me) what is on the end of the line. I myself happen to be a Trout/Salmon/Steelhead purist. I also prefer the dry fly, because I think its more satisfying and fun to actually watch the take. But that's just my preference and my choice. I won't defame others for flyfishing for warmwater fish or for using nymphs or whatever. That's their choice. Anyway, thats just a thought.


Amen to all that.

Anthony Bartkowski

Boys I can sense KD coming back with something about fly usage and what is the more pure way of fly fishing. I prefer cold water species. As far as flies go, get together with some of your buddies for a Monthly dry fly competition. See who can catch a fish on a dry year round? Make a wager for steaks and beers.

Kevin M

Guys - I know this thread started about steelhead fishing, but, somehow the comments have a developed a flavor of what is "pure" in fly fishing. I would love to only fish for cold water fish with dry flies, but my job is in the wilds of western Chicago suburbs. So, if I want to take a morning or afternoon on the water, it will be fishing for smallmouth bass. Otherwise I will just be practicing my casting in the back yard. Have pity on us with your comments about "purity". It's not always our "choice", but there are the same pleasures and camaraderie among us less fortunate fly fishers.

Tim Romano


If you got em, smoke em. I disagree that "pure" means cold water and dry flies. How boring would that be? I'd kill to have smallmouths that I could fish for. Pure is whatever you make it. If it's smallies on your lunch break - so be it. Seems pure enough to me...

Evan V

Who cares if its pure? If it catches fish, it counts as fishing.

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