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November 27, 2007

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Catch The Big Ones


The title to this post is the same used by the woman who is selling these flies on craigslist. Tis the season...  $9.99 for a fly!? Just read what this witch has to say below.  Unbelievable.

Fly fishing requires skill and practice, but mostly a lot of luck! Snag some of these very special flies, put together and blessed by a real honest-to-goodness licensed Wiccan (white witch). These special flies will give you the edge you need over your fishing companions. You won't find these flies at the local sporting goods store. These flies will make great stocking stuffers for those dedicated fly fishermen (or women) who live for catching the big ones. Don't believe me? Well, just try them and let me know when you come home with a full stringer of the big ones and your buddies come home with the pan-fries.
Flies sell for $9.99 each and come tied to a special card with a charm attached.
Back of the card tells what kind of fly it is and what hook size it is.
The witch is a dedicated Colorado fly fisherwoman herself and fishing advice is free.


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I ordered 4 dozen. . . Going to put together a box for Deeter's stocking this holiday season. . . He needs all the help he can get. :)


sounds like the same b.s. all the fly companies have been using to market unnecessary fly choices for years.


I'm not sure who is more idiotic.. the witch selling the flies or the person that actually buys flies from her.



Clearly, these are for the Hexagenia hatch

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