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October 17, 2007

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The Next Extreme Gear Test

The outpouring of positive feedback to our inaugural extreme gear test – The Motorcycle Reel Test – has us contemplating some sequels. We’re kicking around various highly scientific, double-blinded, placebo-controlled methodologies, such as:

· Wader testing with saddle-bronc rodeo cowboys in Gore-Tex
· Rod action testing with mogul skiers
· Ice rink broomball games in wading boots
· Fly line spaghetti (boiling, topping with marinara sauce, then casting)
· The fire hose-mannequin raingear test
· and the ever-popular Butterball-turkey-dangled-from-a-bridge rod test.

So we’re asking you, which idea do you like best? Vote below, or write in your own ideas. If we pick yours we’ll send you something nice.



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Anthony Bartkowski

Boys - all great testing concepts. You did forget one for terminal tackle. It is the bowling ball leader/tippet knot tester. Maybe this will end the flouro discussion.

Anthony Bartkowski

I do like the saddle-bronc wader test. This would only tell you how durable the interior part of the waders are. How about putting the waders on for true field testing with the U.S. Army. Let them take the waders through the obstacle course like you saw in Stripes. "Does this mean we are finished today Sgt. Hulka?"

Frank Fox

I say full-contact ice-rink broomball. Hilarious.


Re: Butterball...Why not a Honeybaked? Salted cured meat would keep better.

How about fly line Vodka? Stick it in a freezer in a bowl of the cheap stuff, then casting.


The only problem with that vodka test is we can't do it at Romano's house ... he'd lap the bowl up before it froze. Maybe we should do the "Bahama Mama" line test ... in Andros.

Anthony Bartkowski

Wicking challenge - visit the great cold city of Buffalo, NY and have the Polar Bear Club jump in Lake Erie with various layering materials to see the wicking ability.

Paul Zabel

I love that test, my G-Loomis 11wt. reel would have exploded giving you shrapnel wounds!!

Dennis @ Fish on Yukon

How about some cold-weather testing. Casting at 40 below off the back of a dogsled?


Dennis ... I like it. I think we should enlist you. KD


I really like the rain gear test, pretty practical, bu tyou should use a live "dummy"!


I'd like to see rain gear at a frat party... see if goretex is beer-proof... or in the RedSox locker room after they beat the Rockies and the bubbly is flowing


Whoa, whoa, Kevin ... easy with the buzz-stomp. Go Rockies!

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