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October 10, 2007

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Shark Man Gets High on Trout

It’s become an annual privilege to host my buddy Conway Bowman and his wife, Michelle, for a couple days of trout fishing here in Colla-Ratta every year. The best part is, for all the adrenaline pumping action those folks see on their wild and crazy mako shark adventures off of San Diego, they get downright giddy when they catch trout. Maybe it’s the altitude. Bowman_trout
More accurately, flyfishing is one of those deals where you really can say: it’s all good. Look for the Con-man to be back on television with his own show in the coming months (good things happening) … this guy can flat-out fish.



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Evan V

I gotta get cable, cause I've never heard of him before.
Perhaps he'll get hooked and move west.

tim romano


check out http://www.bowmanbluewater.com/

the guy is nuts!

Evan V

Guess I gotta crawl out from under my rock a bit more!

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