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October 09, 2007

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Guide kills tarpon

I'm sure many of you have seen this video as youtube says it has over five million views, but just in case you haven't check it out. It involves not an ounce of flyfishing footage, but does include a very large hammerhead eating a BIG tarpon. My question is why would the guide and angler not immediately bust that poor fish off and let him fend for himself? Any thoughts on what these idiots were thinking?


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Evan V

Same thing happens when bass fishermen meet pike.

Tony Fotopulos

You hit the nail on the head! Idiots! This is probably shot a Boca Grande Pass in Florida. Spawning Tarpon are targeted by idiot guides who regularly feed the Poons to the Hammerheads. Some of the rednecks try to hook the sharks as they chew up the Tarpon. A few years ago a friend witnessed this as he harassed the guides until they ran him off. From his photos it seemed that there were lots of boats there fishing (50+). They have trained the sharks to feed on the Tarpon ....Sick Basterds!


Pathetic..some F..s get a kick out of seeing blood in the water..no sense..the Silver King should have been cut loose, assuming he was strong enough to swim away, too beautiful a fish..most people fight a fish way too long..too much lactic acid builds up in the fish's muscle tissues..
Happens everyday..thanks for sharing

Dennis @ Fish on Yukon

It's called cerveza....too much beer clouding the old judgement. could have been a darwin award candidate as there was not much holding the knuckle-head back from falling in the water.


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