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October 29, 2007

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Golly gee, the Fishpen's so much more compact than my five piece rod I think I'll take it on my next outing. What do you think, would the Fish Pen work at all? Kinda tempting isn't it...


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Super Strong Alloy!!! Yeah!!!

I've cast one of these things and you couldn't catch a perch longer than your little finger without the fish spooling your ass.

But it's got a Real Brass Finish!!!

Evan V

Looks good. If you're chasing minnows.


Buy 1 get 1 free... whos coming with me???

I can only imagine what one of our fresh Erie cromers would do to that thing...

tim romano


I'm in, but only if you really try it on one of those Erie beasts. Shoot some video and show us what it does.


I have one of these and it's very good for small streams and I've caught a ton of brookies on it. Only bad thing about it is the tip will break if you bend it too much, so just use it for small trout and not bigger fish like bass, or pickerel.

Anthony Bartkowski


As soon as I catch you on the river with this, I will soon be giving you a new name. You will become David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider will be your rod.

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