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October 16, 2007

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Fish From Your Couch


Deeter - you lazy sack!  I implore you to get out of the hot tub.  I have this sneaky suspicion that Elk don't go near half naked, rifle toting men in 500 gallon vats of loud bubbling water.  Call me crazy... 

If that's your thing though, the boys at Pishtech have the game for you this winter. It's called Real World Fly Fishing and is what they call fly fishing simulation.  Cast your line over 450 fishing sites on 24 different waters to trout, steelhead, bass and panfish.  You literally match hatches, cast, mend, and land fish dealing with currents, drag settings, and deal with sophisticated fish behavior.  Heck, you can even tie your own flies before fishing. Check out a video clip of the game here.


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Evan V

I like that you can match the hatch, but the game play is poor. Perhaps if Nintendo made a fly fishing game for the Wii.


I believe they do offer a fishing game for the Wii, rumor has it it's pretty impressive and exciting as well.

Anthony Bartkowski

Before I look into this software game can you research dirt clod hatches for me Timmy?

tim romano


Dirt clod hatches: Balls of dirt thrown by jealous anglers who can't seem to hook into fish like the angler that they're throwing them at.


ha!!! tim

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