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October 15, 2007

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Elk from the Hot Tub

How real flyfishers hunt big game: The first decent snowfall of the season brought ideal elkin' conditions to this part of Colorado today. So I spent the better part of this morning hunting -- as I usually do -- from the hot tub. I would elaborate on the details of this highly-specialized high country approach, but I'm still bitter with the F&S editors for having dumped my "Get Your Cow from the Spa" feature in favor of Scott Bestul's October "Get Your Bull on Public Land" cover package. Jerks.



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Evan V

Can you say, redneck?

Anthony Bartkowski

Jeff Foxworthy will now feature you as part of his routine, "You know you are a redneck when..."


When you leave your 30.06 propped up next to the chlorine tablets ...

Sherrill Philip Neese

Now we're talking! I thought that the super deluxe mega-tree stand in Texas was great.... :-)

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