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September 30, 2007

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A Slogan for PETA

I once had rocks hurled at me as I flyfished a western river, by a band of PETA puppets who sped off into the sunset before I could thank them for their gestures (perhaps with one of my own).

Alas, when I saw this deliciously politically-incorrect slogan from Nautilus (one of my very favorite makers of reels), I knew right away it was Fflogger material ...



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Anthony Bartkowski - FFlogger

I have newer respect for PETA - they are worse than pond scum. This is somewhat almost too positive for them. Having seen their actions around the rodeo circuits and what they have done, it really should be looked at. They start hay stacks on fire, they have painted over a horses eye, they want to release penned animals into society, and now they are chucking rocks.

Who is now doing the world an injustice?

Evan V

PETA messed with the wrong group of people.


Checkout this stupid video they made



I watched a few minutes of it.
What do you find stupid about it?


Because Mightus,

Seems sad, irresponsible and f-d up to me. Thats why hunters want REAL FREE RANGE FOOD. That which we procure for ourselves; so we know how it was handled and that hopefully it was done in as humane a way as possible.


Just got teh tested on animals T-shirt from my local shop. Will let you know the feedback I get in town.



I can do you one better on a slogan. I got a shirt from double bull blinds that says......."Many animals were harmed testing this product". I love it!! I think you can order it off their website

Anthony Bartkowski - FFLOGGER

The all-time slogan is:

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.

Regusted in Wisconsin

PETA people run around acting like fools then open their mouthes and "remove all doubt"!

Evan V

That poster has inspired me to write an essay for school about how PETA is bad


I like the fact that they were telling animal people that they were adopting out the dogs and cats turned in to them when they were actually killing them and dumping the bodies in the local landfill.

Even the ASPCA was outraged by that!

The next time I find a PETA demonstration, I think I'll find some roadkill to throw on their cars - or them. Then they can protest cars driving down any road which animals cross. And they will!


if they dont want animals getting abused
why the hell did they kill 50 cats and dogs and dump them behind a piggly wigleys
they are stupid assholes.
if they want to help animals they should go to asia.

Trae B.

Ha I dont reckon them PETA folks will ever be brave enough to come down to my part of georgia they would be scared s*&^less.did ya'll hear about when they threw a bucked of red paint on a dude for hunting and he busted them in the face then he had to pay for the hospital bill but they dident have to pay for the clothes
by the way People Eating Tasty Animals is good ive never heard that.

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