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August 30, 2007

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Why You Wear Sunglasses.

This is why you ALWAYS wear sunglasses fishing. Especially if you're chucking big, nasty streamers like this one. It's up to you if the lenses are glass or plastic. In my opinion you catch more fish with glass, but I would say plastic is more safe.


Deeter my friend, you had better watch yourself these coming months. It's slowly turning fall and I'll be switching out my nymph rigs for gaudy bait fish patterns. Go ahead, continue to throw your dainty dry flies. I'll be poaching your runs and holes with what fish really want to eat. So watch my backcast as I wouldn't want you to literally feel solied when one of these babies whizzes by your face.


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big nasty streamers 'like this one'? you trout fishermen...

that thing can't weigh more than 1/16 of an ounce, haha!!


Whizzing, in the context of your cast Tim, strikes me as an oxymoron.

Chad Miller

How big are the streamers you use in the fall? Do you fish them all year long? What about shooting heads and sink tips? Just curious. Also no question, you have better visual acuity with glass.
I can't tell you how many times I have been hit in the face with big flies while rowing the boat with clients.

tim romano


Admittedly our trout streamers aren't as large as I think they are. Anywhere from sizes 2 to 8, but occasionally I'll throw on a bug that's oversized in the 1/0 to 3/0 range. This tactic works better in the fall obviously. As far as shooting heads and sinking tips... I use the latter quite a bit, but have never used a shooting head here in colorado.

Chad Miller

Thanks for the info. When I have been out west most of the guides I have fished with have a suprisingly limited knowledge of streamer fishing. Sounds like you know what you are doing, but it is suprising how far the western guides I have fished with are behind the Great Lakes guides. I am sure this lack of knowledge isn't accross the board.
Here in the midwest guys like Ray Schmidt and Bob Linseman have really revolutionized streamer fishing for trout in my mind.
Just getting an opinion on streamer fishing from someone out west. Thanks for the info.

Anthony Bartkowski - FFlogger

Streamer fishing is always great. Having learned to fly fish back east, I was thrown into the mix of streamers in Maine and for steelies in Western New York. The fun of having a fish crash upon a streamer is a rush. I don't care where you live as long as you try it!!!


Plastic's ballistic qualities tend to limit shattering 99% of the time. Or something like that.


casting lessons help limit shattering 99% of the time.

tim romano

"Joey" are you impling that I need casting lessons? because I do...

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