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August 21, 2007

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So Cal Skinny Water Carpin'

Talkin’ Story: So cal carpin’ on the fly

4 am comes awful early when you’ve been charging makos on a fly rod the day before and not hitting the rack until late. But, when the call came in from my buddy Johnny H, manager at a local

San Diego

fly shop, about some unreal sight casting to Carp in skinny still water over hard sand bottom I could not pass up the opportunity…

No joke …this was the most unreal sight casting I’ve ever done!! Even better then sight casting to Reds in the Gulf!! Huge pods of big carp feeding on the surface gulping everything in sight.  The morning was clear, slick glass and air temps were hovering around 70 degrees.

Our weapons of choice were 6 wts floating lines and looooong leaders! 15 feet 3x floro to be exact. Now these fish were spooky so the approach had to be as stealth as possible, in fact it took us 10 minutes to sneak up on our first pod of fish and they were only 300 feet away.

The carp were feeding in big pods on the surface, so Johnny suggesting we go outside the box a bit and tie on a size 6 royal Humpy. The key , he said, was to be able to make a long cast , drop the fly close to the fish ( dinner plate sized area) see the fly and  as the podding fish move towards  wait until the fly disappear them set the hook.

Easier said then done… it took a number of missed hook ups before I came tight but once I got the hang of things it was on!!

  Johnny and I caught and released 10 carp and one largemouth bass in two hours.  Not bad for my day off.  All sight casting in the “skinny” over hard sand bottom.

It was a gas, man.


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