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August 06, 2007

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Fish Ink: A Great Tattoo

Brown_tat_6Spencer Williams lives in Rollinsville, Colorado. We liked his tattoo. When asked 'why a brown trout' he replied something like, "they're the most badass mutha $#@!*%'s in the river."

Spencer, we couldn't agree more.


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Now THAT'S love


What the heck did you do?! Oh well, I guess the image could have been something in bad taste. Got fresh fish? At least it is an image of the love of your life!.
Love always, Ma and Pa


I wish that you at least had ironed that shirt before you let them take the picture!

Love Ma


Yea, Those Browns are badass mutha $#@!*%'s.

favorite aunt Barb

Hey Spencer. Wait til the family sees this!

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