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August 26, 2007

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10 Weight Tuna


Jason Owens, a.k.a. "all star Boulder angler" got invited to go scope out a potential fishing operation on Christmas Island for travel group Angling Destinations. Late one day he spotted birds crashing. Birds crashing = Tuna. The problem? No boat and they were only armed with a ten weight. They quickly located the barely seaworthy craft in the photo above and headed out. Soon after they located the fish, Jason hooks one and proceeds to fight it for almost two hours. By now it was well into the night and they were way off shore. The estimated 50lb fish dragged them a mile and nearly spooled Jason. Finally, they got it into the boat, breaking the rod when thrashing beast came aboard. Needless to say there was endless sushi that night after they were rescued by photographer Eric Berger who brought them gas, headlamps, and a gaff.



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