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July 23, 2007

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Okay, This Trout Is Worth Looking At.


Anglers lined up a mile deep for the July 17 reopening of Colorado's Antero Reservoir, closed since being drained in the wake of the 2002 drought. Most caught 20-inch rainbow trout that grow 1.5 inches a month on a rich diet of insects and crustaceans. Opening day produced one grand surprise: A state record 18.5-pound cutthroat-rainbow hybrid.


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Anthony Bartkowski - FFLOGGER

Antero is the new place to be. The word on the streets is you have to skip out of work. If you are going please be patient as the boat dock is slow with the number of people trying to get a piece of the pie.

Also - make sure to take the time as the DOW is checking and ticketing those who break the regulations. If you are questioning your catch, put it back for another day.

On my soap box - guys if you are keeping the fish for eating later, put it back. Only take what you will eat in the next day or so. Let's try to make this the best reservoir in Colorado for large trout on a consistent basis. Look what happened to Spinney. Back in the 90s you were almost guaranteed to catch a trophy.

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