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May 17, 2007

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Watch That Thumb!

Many people get frustrated when their line bunches and dies on the forward cast. That’s usually a symptom of dropping your tip too far on your backcast. There have been countless articles and books written to coach people on the best ways to keep that proper casting plane at “10 and 2” on the imaginary clock face, but, in my opinion, most explanations overcomplicate everything. When you start thinking about too many moving parts during the cast, you get confused and your problems compound.

So here’s the best tip I ever learned to straighten out the issue of going too far on the backcast. It came from Dan Stein, a guide on the Bighorn River in Montana. He simply suggests you keep your casting thumb in your
peripheral vision at all times. Lose sight of your thumb, and you’re going back too far.


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Scott in Ohio


another easy to understnad tip. thanks again

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