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April 17, 2008

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Do You Fish with an iPod?

I'm all about the sounds of nature ... the birds chirping, the rush of the breeze through tree branches, and the soothing refrain from the currents pouring over rocks. But I must say, I broke the mold today and plugged in with earphones as I stole a couple hours on the water.

Is that an angling sin?

I mean, we ski/board with the tunes, run with them, and so forth. I must admit, it was a different, somewhat refreshing experience. And some of you won't want to hear this, but it wasn't acoustic bluegrass, or country, or alt. rock, that got it done. It was straight-up vintage metal. Motorhead. Priest. Iron Maiden. Sabbath ...

Spandex. Gore-tex. Same difference. But now I feel dirty.



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no way in hell would i listen to music while fly fishing. what an awful intrusion. i want to hear the water splash when a fish jumps. i want to hear the sand hill cranes and geese as they fly overhead. i want to hear the wolf howl as the sun is going down or the eagle scream as it soars overhead. i step into the river to get away from the world. i can listen to anything i want on the way home after a day of listening to nature's orchestra

Blue Ox



listening to the sounds of nature while you hook that hatchery monstrosity?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner



I'm with Alex. Ipod while fishing. WTF? Touron for sure... There's a good chance someone will think you're from Houston, Dallas, or ... gasp ... Austin. Especially listening to all that c&%k rock.

you should feel dirty.


Okay, okay. Maybe I should get a waterproof set-up, and save the tunes for speargunning tarpon.


You are missing out on quite a few things if you're listening to your IPOD when fishing. First all nature around you and secondly very important the fish around you. What if you were to miss a pig of a Rainbow upstream or downstream from you that is rising to mayflys or caddis. You might miss out on that fish if you can't hear it aggressivly feeding within your range. Maybe the IPOD will determine if one gets skunked or goes home with a whopper. You decide, but I know I'm not listening to one.


kirk, as long as you're not blaring a jam box and disturbing the peace, you do whatever you want, who gives a sh*t.

and that was as lame swipe at austin. what does an ipod while fishing or c@ck rock have anything to do with austin? try to be more clever, anonymous.


Oh the masterful prose composer in the fly fishing world is trying to reach another zen like level in the world.

I can see it now - Deeter is trying to improve his cast and presentation with the beat of the metal banging between the ear drums.

Joey - glad to see you stick up for Austin. That is one of the greatest cities.

If you were fishing to metal, can you at least make us proud that the end of your line was a nasty big streamer for aggressive takes???

Jon Malovich

This seems to be a very sensitive subject with some of us, I have never listened myself but have had clients listen to their music as they fished and I have to say that for some it is as good as the sounds of nature, but for me I am all about what is going on around me and it's the environmental sounds that help to make the experience.

Deeter maybe You should try listening to Vivaldi(Four Seasons) or the sound track from "A River Runs Through It" but to each is own.



well, i don't care what people think about austin (i've lived there since '89), the less people that move there the better, but it just goes to show some people have no idea what they are talking about.

and screw vivaldi or any other attempt to over-romanticise fly fishing. since when did classical music and fly fishing become synonymous, besides an outdated elitist attempt at marketing the sport to rich white old farts in ORVIS fashion?

music and fishing are both a matter of personal taste, like food. if you want to put hot sauce on your steak, more power to you.

Evan V

At least you didn't blast it by way of radio. I've thought about that, but the sounds of nature always make me rethink it.


Joey, it is funny how you contradict your own statement "Screw VIVALDI" and then say "Music and fishing are both a mater of personal taste"
Is that not what was stated above?

Besides if you have a true appreciation for music then you can enjoy Vivaldi followed by a nice dose of Rage Against the Machine, it is closed minded thinking that drives many away from the sport so whether Dry, Nymph, or Streamer, Classical or Dirt metal, it is all good.

As for the Orvis reference that company and there products have done more for our sport than most of us will ever hope to and $ cash into the industry is good no matter if it is from a guy driving a 73" Chevy pickup with old empty Copenhagen cans on the floor and used flys stuck on the dash or a Range Rover polished to shine by illegal aliens. (Well ok the illegal aliens part would make most of us mad.)
The point is that fly fishing should be about pure enjoyment and if it is using an ipod to get that enjoyment well go for it.

Just my thoughts though!



no, it's not what was stated above. yes, music is a matter of personal taste. i don't have a problem with vivaldi, just when people start suggesting to other people what they should listen to and how classical music is always automatically tied to the romanticism of fly fishing in all available imagery (or the opposite that is happening now with EXTREME fly fishing aka AEG). frankly, i'm bored to death of those overused stereotypes.

but i'm in agreement with you that it's about enjoyment and people can do whatever they want as long as they aren't bothering anyone else.

as far as orvis goes, they are nothing more than a retail company that runs on 75% sales of women's clothing and has been completely irrelevant to the sport of fly fishing since the early 80's other than playing catch-up to sage/patagonia/simms in terms of technical gear.


Well stated, Orvis also sells a lot of dog stuff too.


haha, yeah. i worked in a fly shop for 9 years. i remember one year, orvis's best selling items was dog beds!


its no different than rockin when your golfin. whats the big deal? i rock when i fish all the time. to me it helps to escape from the world and it really makes me more focussed. you dont have any outside distractions. as long as it isnt that modern counrty bs the ROCK ON DEETER! dont worry bout what other people think, do what you want and let the haters hate.

Jay Melzer

Do I fish with a Ipod?
Well I have found that a good 12 weight Spey rod is required to throw an ipod nano 40 or 50 feet. The presentation is good for bass but not so much for trout or other "sensitive" species. Another problem is durability. After one cast in salt water the ipod no longer plays my favorite songs. On the whole I prefer flies to consumer electronics.
P.s I am working on a spun deer hair imitation of a 80 gig video ipod but it is difficult getting the screen just right.

Matt Aboussie

We've been bringing iPods on all sorts of outdoor excursions, including fly fishing. The only problem: Power. So, we came up with this: http://www.brunton.com/product.php?id=433

Rock on...
I mean, Fish on!


Jesus, do what you want. Why do you care what other people think? By the reaction of these knobs, you must be making the right decision. Anything that pisses of this wine and cheese crowd must be the right way to go.

Zukes Dad

It's funny, how some people can get off track from the original question and start to wander aimlessly thru meaning-less piles of Bull Sh*t!

Question: "Do You Fish with an I-Pod?" Having spent many years on both sides of the Guide/Client fence. I must admit that on certain occasions I will break out the earbuds to 'escape' from the sounds of traffic (many 'prime' western rivers parallel county roads and highways!).

Deeter, do what you want, when you want! Let those that cast stones instead of rods, forget to wipe their boots off upon entering their 'Glass Castles'.

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