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February 18, 2008

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Here's to Ann ...


Back in Colorado ... still jet-lagged and dreaming about Tierra del Fuego. This turned out to be a life-changing event, on so many levels much more of an adventure than I had imagined. As it often goes for me, these trips become more about people and places than things that swim. I am grateful to my friend Patty Reilly, and my new friends, guides Alex and Nico Trochine ... but I have to tip my Field & Stream ball cap to Susan Gatten and Ann Hamner, with whom I shared many hours on the river. Truth is, this was a "ladies trip." I left the fuzzy slippers at home, but I can tell you I learned a lot from three gals who flat-out get after big fish with abandon. And that whopper brown? Well it turned out to be Ann's ... a 24-pound monster. Now, I'd tell you here age, but every time the subject comes up, she threatens to retire from flyfishing. I'd sooner see Brett Favre hang up his shoulder pads. Let's just say the next time someone tells you, "My grandma can fish better than you," if it's Ann's grandkids saying so, they aren't lying.

Ann and Patty are still down there, fishing up by San Martin. Hook 'em up, ladies, and let us know how it goes. Susan, hope your trip back was uneventful, and I'll see you on the next river somewhere. Nico, Alex ... I want reports, boys. Thanks to all of you, con todos mi corazon.



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Blue Ox

Major Kudos on that nice fish!
But retirement?! No way!
I'm gonna be fishing and hunting untill the day Mother Nature tells me to come home. And I'll still keep on fishin'! Deep in the woods, just around that final bend in the river is where you'll find me, doin' what I love most, for the rest of time.


about time you put ANN'S photo up there!!! it's all about ANN!!! she's awesome!

by the way, she was fishing with us up in ALUMINÉ, not san martin...

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